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David Grill Watson (
Wed, 25 Aug 1999 17:08:24 -0400

On Tue, 24 Aug 1999, you wrote:
> I tried out your Abi software suite and opened an important text document of
> mine. I did some modifications to it and then saved. When I tried to open the
> file again, came to the surprise that it had only saved the first lines of the
> entire 300k document. An entire months work had gone to the trash!!!
> How can you even distribute a program that wont save? Even if it is free, you
> should still make a comment about it that it cant save right and will corrupt
> files. So in base, your software is still useless, because without the save
> option, you cant really do much.
> I dont know why you call it a productivity suite if it is anti-productive

As the other guy said, have you ever heard of a backup? I would never attempt
to modify an important document with a program I had never even tried before.

I use AbiWord for almost all my word processing needs (I'm a student, so all I
really need it for is to write papers and such, nothing fancy), and haven't had
that problem - but I've never opened a 300K document with it either.

But you must surely have SOME other copy of that document, don't you?

-Dave Watson

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