Re: RTF and pictures

Paul Rohr (
Thu, 05 Aug 1999 18:33:45 -0700

At 06:55 AM 7/31/99 +0200, Hubert Figuiere wrote:
>I have an RTF file which contains a picture. When being opened
>with AbiWord, raw data are outputed instead of the picture (or
>just simply ignorance).
>Here is the picture description:
>{{\pict{\*\picprop\shpli d1025{\sp{\sn shapeType}{\sv
>75}}{\sp{\sn fFlipH}{\sv 0}}{\sp{\sn fFlipV}{\sv 0} }{\sp{\sn
>fillColor}{\sv 268435473}}{\sp{\sn fFilled}{\sv 0}}{\sp{\sn
>fLine}{\sv 0}}}
>id 6bd1a470367c912ac5b95c3b48886695}

Yep. You're right. The RTF importer currently doesn't support pictures.
Have you logged a bug in Bugzilla on this yet?

I'm no RTF expert, but it looks like this might be a vector graphic in a
windows metafile format, which means that it'll be non-trivial to add this

I believe that Matt Kimball made some headway on an architecture for
implementing vector graphics via SVG (kind of like PNG is our native raster
graphics format), but that code's not currently in the tree. If you're
interested in helping with this feature, he'd be the first person to check


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