Platform Poll

Paul Rohr (
Wed, 02 Dec 1998 11:38:32 -0800

Now that 0.3.0 is out, I wanted to take a quick straw poll to make sure
we've successfully integrated everyone's patches for building on various

To bootstrap the process, I've scrolled back through the list archives, and
tried to list everyone who's tried to get it running on different flavors.

FreeBSD ??

Linux/Alpha (in-house ... thanks, Brian!)

Debian 2.1 Peter Kovacs
Red Hat 5.1 (in-house)
SuSE 5.2 (in-house)

MkLinux Larry Kollar

Solaris Adrian Miranda, Jose Salinas, Albert Fluegel

95/NT & VC5 (in-house)
98 & VC6 James Lefavour

Please let us know if you're still having problems getting 0.3.0 to build or
run on *your* flavor of choice -- preferably with diffs, of course. :-)


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