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Gavin Thomas Nicol (
Tue, 25 Aug 1998 22:25:44 -0400

> Which brings us to the topic of Object Environments. Bluntly, in order to
> provide the kind of services described above, we are going to
> have to have some
> kind of object model available -- both for exporting our interfaces and
> importing objects from other programs. I suspect some kind of
> 'Object Broker'
> abstraction layer is going to be needed to allow us to run both
> Has anyone given this any thought? It will be a neat trick if we
> can make it
> happen -- but I think it will be an essential one. Windows users
> are not going
> to switch to CORBA overnight -- whether they should or not.
> Furthermore, this
> could provide a nice abstraction allowing support for both BABOON
> and whatever
> KDE is doing as an equivalent to OLE/ActiveX.

At some point CORBA and DCOM will play together... it is in both OMG
and MS's interest to make it so. Also, the major *commercial*
CORBA implementations, they already have bridges... so I guess one
could write something for OmniORB (neat hack).

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