Re: Our first potential flame war: which scripting language?

Eric W. Sink (
Tue, 25 Aug 1998 19:19:47 -0500

> Advantages:
> don't need to learn a new scripting language
> Disadvantages:
> more code to maintain

Other disadvantage:
technical support nightmare

Our basic approach to features is analogous to an illustration from the
automative industry. Picture a Saturn, with a Ferrari 12 cylinder
engine under the hood. We want the app to be simple, approachable, and
friendly for the mass market. However, we want there to be enough
power there to appeal to the developer community. This is why we
want a scripting language. But, we're hard-pressed to find a reason
why we need more than one.

AbiSuite is being planned from the very beginning as a professionally
supported application. Having two or more supported scripting languages
will dramatically increase the costs of providing technical support, while
adding only marginal new functionality. This looks like very, very low
bang for the buck.

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