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FYI. Actually AbiWord has been involved for 8 of the 9 previous GSoC's



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Subject: [GSoC Mentors Announce] Google Summer of Code 2014 + 10 Things
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Hi GSoC mentors and org admins,

We are proud to announce that we are holding Google Summer of Code [1]
again in 2014 - a very special GSoC - the 10th instance of the
program! Yes, GSoC has been going on that long! We will be doing a
bunch of interesting things to promote GSoC and celebrate the
students, mentors and projects that have made the program so

1. The OSPO team will be visiting 10 countries around the world where
we've seen high participation over the last 9 years.
2. We're raising the student stipend by 10% to $5500!
3. We'll be hosting a 10-year reunion event on Google's campus for
students and mentors next year. Stay tuned for more details!

If you would like to help spread the word about GSoC 2014, we have
presentations [2], logos [3], and flyers [4] for you to use. Please
host meetups, tell your friends and colleagues about the program, go
to conferences, talk to people about the program, and just generally
do all the awesome word-of-mouth stuff you do every year to promote
the program.

The GSoC calendar, FAQ, and events timeline have all been updated with
this year's important dates, so please refer to those for the
milestones for this year's program.

Please consider translating the presentations and/or flyers into your
native language and submitting them directly to me to post on the
wiki. Localization for our material is integral to reaching the widest
possible audience around the world. If you decide to translate a
flyer, please fill out our form to request a thank you gift for your
effort. [5]

If you decide to host a meetup, please email me to let me know the
date, time, and location so I can put it on the GSoC calendar. Also,
remember to take pictures at your meetup and write up a blog post for
our blog, using our provided template for formatting [6]. If you need
promotional items for your attendees, please fill out our form [7] to
request some; we're happy to send some along. We can provide up to
about 25 pens, notebooks, or stickers and/or a few t-shirts. Please
keep in mind, though, that shipping restrictions and timeline vary
country-to-country; request items very early to make sure they get
there on time! If you have questions about hosting meetups, please see
the section in our FAQ [8].

Please consider applying to participate as an organization again this
year or maybe joining as a mentor for your favorite organization if
they are selected this year.

We rely on you for your help for the success of this program, so thank
you in advance for all the work you do!

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