Re: New translations

From: Simon Larochelle <>
Date: Sat Mar 24 2012 - 02:11:43 CET

Second try: I have a patch to generate the '.strings' files with make.
A few things:

1) The '.strings' files would be created in the 'po' directory instead
of in the 'user/wp/strings' directory because of a limitation of
2) As the '.strings' files are generated with a perl script, we would
need to add perl to the list of required programs in the
3) Presently, two of the po files are not installed with 'make
install': mnk-SN.po and ps.po. Should the files be added to the
installation script or are they incomplete?


2012/3/20 Hubert Figuière <>:
> On 20/03/12 02:37 PM, Simon Larochelle wrote:
>> We could generate all the .strings files during the execution of the
>> script (see attach patch).
>> Translators would only need to care about the .po files.
> Not in the autogen
> But as a make target I wouldn't be against.
> Hub

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