Re: Vincent_ GSOC2012: Dialog improvements

From: Simon Larochelle <>
Date: Wed Mar 21 2012 - 12:25:03 CET

> My question:
>   About another part of this idea, what is the meaning of ‘allow the
> frame height or width to expand the capture all the text enteed into
> the table’? Can someone give an example? Thanks
> I am looking forward to hearing from you, thanks
> Regards~
> vincent

Presently, the height and the width of a frame are manually set by the
user. We would like the frame dimensions to automatically change if
the user enters an extra line of text in an already full text frame.
Presently, the text will be hidden below the text frame until the user
changes the size of the box. The future behavior would be similar to
the resizing that happens with table cells. (P.S.: There are a few
typos in the description of the task: "allow the frame height or width
to expand in order to capture all the text entered into the frame" ).

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