Re: Bug fix

From: Diana Maria Prajescu <>
Date: Sun Mar 18 2012 - 11:48:22 CET


I know about those errors, I have mentioned them before in the first
email. This patch was only for the strptime error. I have managed to
solve the other issues but I don't think they should be included in
this patch. I will create one for them too.

Indeed I have forgoten to add the ut_strptime.cpp and ut_strptime.h to
the project in the patch. I will upload a new patch soon.

Try adding ut_strptime.cpp and ut_strptime.h to the solution and let
me know if you still have ut_strptime errors.


On Sun, Mar 18, 2012 at 12:34 PM, Lubos Pintes <> wrote:
> I am not a Windows developer. I am just "building things for fun" and one of
> such things is AbiWord.
> It seems to me (again) that Windows build of AbiWord is broken a bi t more.
> So I applied your patch. Note that it is necessary to add the
> ut_strptime.cpp to project, your patch only modifies/adds files to src
> directory. After that I received following build errors: (some are not
> related to your patch but a brokenness of build itself)
> 1>..\..\src\wp\ap\xp\ap_Dialog_Latex.cpp(90) : error C2057: expected
> constant expression
> 1>..\..\src\wp\ap\xp\ap_Dialog_Latex.cpp(90) : error C2466: cannot allocate
> an array of constant size 0
> 1>..\..\src\wp\ap\xp\ap_Dialog_Latex.cpp(90) : error C2133: 'wName' :
> unknown size
> 1>..\..\src\af\util\xp\ut_strptime.cpp(428) : error C2084: function 'char
> *strptime(const char *,const char *,tm *)' already has a body
> 1>..\..\src\af\util\xp\ut_strptime.cpp(434) : error C2084: function 'char
> *_strptime(const char *,const char *,tm *,int)' already has a body
> 1>..\..\src\af\util\xp\ut_strptime.cpp(498) : error C3861: '_strptime':
> identifier not found
> ... several of them similar as last one
> Dňa 17. 3. 2012 21:02, Diana Maria Prajescu wrote / napísal(a):
>> Hello,
>> I'm looking forward to getting some feedback on the patch I've made.
>> Thanks,
>> Diana
>> On Fri, Mar 16, 2012 at 2:47 AM, Diana Maria Prajescu
>> <>  wrote:
>>> Hello!
>>> I am Diana Prajescu and I am student in the third year at Politehnica
>>> University of Bucharest from Romania. I am interested in applying for
>>> one of the project ideas for GSoC. I was trying to "solve the
>>> exercise" proposed when I have realized that there is a bug on Windows
>>> and the project cannot be built.
>>> I have decided to solve it. It is the bug with the id 13284 from the
>>> bugzilla list. The patch is attached. The problem is that the function
>>> strptime does not exist on Windows and I have solved it using an
>>> implementation from NetBSD.
>>> I have also noticed that there are some small problems which I had to
>>> solve before building the project. Should I send you a description of
>>> them together with the solution?
>>> Regards,
>>> Diana Prajescu
>> .
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