RE: AbiWord website re-design

From: Oussama Chammam <>
Date: Mon Sep 12 2011 - 09:40:50 CEST

First, you didn't kill the party ;)

second, I didn't know about it before, but now I took a look at a demo site that is provided by Textpattern. It seams to require a bit coding (html, css, and maybe php) to be able to insert an article. To insert multiple images in a single article is not either easy (as I understand). The text editor is just coding area (no visual controls/buttons). Of cource there is maybe extensions to get all this better, but then I do not know about it.

  Joomla! gives you (amoung others) a WYSIWG already from start (and you can freely disable it or change it) and the capabilty to have multiple user database (with different rights). Even if I was about doing a simple site I would use a CMS that gives me the ability to easily add extra features in the future and that makes it easy to post articles etc at the same time.

This is still my own opinion and the Abiword community have to decide at the end :)

PS. You didn't post to the whole group so I have pasted your message below


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> On Mon, 12 Sep 2011 08:01:14 +0200, Oussama Chammam
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> > But I think for a basic webpage Joomla! is more than enough and
> > controlling it is rather easy.
> > If you search in Google eg. "Joomla! vs Drupal" you will see that
> > this is a typical discussion topic and people do have many different
> > opinions.
> Don't want to kill the party, but are they not both heavily overkill
> for what you want to do with your site? They are both a drag to
> customise.
> Why not just go with something flat like Textpattern. I am assuming the
> site updates are few?
> I do like the proposed design, though.
> Yours,
> Morten
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> Morten Juhl-Johansen Zölde-Fejér
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