Re: Versions and releases

From: Jean Brefort <>
Date: Mon Oct 31 2011 - 11:59:22 CET

Le lundi 31 octobre 2011 à 11:30 +0100, Ingo Brückl a écrit :
> Hi Jean,
> you wrote on Sun, 30 Oct 2011 20:24:24 +0100:
> > I get your point. Actually, it was the idea at first to support both
> > versions. When we started working on that, it rapidly proved it was not
> > easy at all to use tons of ifdefs, two versions of the ui files and so
> > on, so it was decide to drop the gtk2 support.
> Yes, I totally understand that.
> > Anyway, I just thought that a relatively simple solution exists if we
> > duplicate the gtk directories, one for gtk3 and one for gtk2. I'll try
> > to do that during the next few days, may be you can test it when it's
> > commited.
> I really appreciate your efforts and I understand that this is the easiest
> solution, but I'm not quite sure that it is a good idea to do so for the
> future. Chances are that we'll forget to do changes which don't depend on GTK
> but are general improvements in either of the two directories.
> You are absolutely right that it wouldn't be easy with all these ifdefs and
> the two versions, but don't you think we should give it a try?

Really, no. At first, you need two versions of most of the ui files.
Then for some files, especially in af/ev/gtk, you can #ifdef the whole
file (or each line individually, as you prefer). I think the gtk2
support will not be long-lived, anyway. We'll have to consider it again
from time to time, and it will be removed at some moment, hopefully
before we port to gtk4 ;-)

> I'm willing to support you as best I can. I would work through your changes
> in r30385 and add necessary GTK_CHECK_VERSION()s. While this probably is easy
> for pure GTK functions I'd need your advice on changes that indirectly affect
> a GTK3 change. So all you had to do would be to answer questions where I
> don't know why a change has been made and to test the result on GTK3 then.
> Once done, I think it wouldn't be that mess with the ifdefs, because a lot of
> the changes seem to be OK for GTK2 as well, and development could continue
> smoothly with a single base of source files.
> Let's give it try, shall we?
> Ingo
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