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Date: Tue Oct 04 2011 - 19:09:00 CEST

On Tue, Oct 4, 2011 at 7:36 PM, Urmas <> wrote:
> What GSoC results in for Abiword:
> 1. Some people come;
> 2. People leave after themselves half-baked, half-working code branches;

Most of the summer of code branches are already merged. Not half-baked.

> 3. People leave in September and are never heard again.

Some of them, yes. They have their priorities after their summer.

But not everyone. Do you know the fact that many of the Google Summer
of Code students continued to be the committers after the summer? They
have contributed far longer than their summer of code. Kamran Khan,
Ryan, Fidencio and much more to add to this list.

> Do you report them as failed? Or do they actually get something from Google for this?

Marc has replied to this already.

Mentors work closely with the students on defining the mile stones.
AbiWord is one of the most successful organizations participating in
Google Summer of Code, since 2006. Google Summer of Code is also known
as Google Summer of Love. Students learn and contribute. Moreover,
most of us at AbiWord feel this as the beauty of the AbiWord

Open source is not just coding. It is a life style, a passion, and a
commitment. One needs to be a good communicator and an enthusiast to
be an active contributor to an open source project. A mere know-how of
technology won't take anyone much long in an open source project. In
the GSoC timeline, we have a month of community bonding, where we
ensure that the students get the touch of the community aspects. This
helps the newbies to get a touch of open-source. They may find it
useful later contributing either to AbiWord or some other open source
projects that they prefer. That's the motivation behind Google
introducing this cool program. So the coding is just 2 - 3 months,
where they actually work on the mile stones discussed over their

Google Summer of Code is just a starting point, where the students
learn and code, while getting paid for their open source contribution.
We prefer to have all the students with us, even after the Google
Summer of Code timeline.

For more information, pls refer to - An
introductory presentation on GSoC with AbiWord. Feel free to ping over
the irc or drop a line, should you need further information.



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