Re: gtk2 built

From: Ingo Brückl <>
Date: Sun Nov 20 2011 - 12:43:47 CET

Simon Larochelle wrote on Fri, 18 Nov 2011 07:52:40 -0500:

> Looking at Revision 30385 (the gtk3 merge), there were several changes made
> to the plugins collab, gdict, goffice and ots.
> So it is likely that these four plugins do not work with gtk2 anymore.

Well, but in case of ots, for example, the change will only prevent GTK2
usage - without any reason whatsoever.

This is what I criticize. There is code that did run just fine with GTK2
and could do so further on, because there isn't even a real GTK2/GTK3 issue,
but for a reason I don't get we cut off GTK2. That's insane.

> On the other hand, wmf should still work with gtk2.

Another excellent example!

The MSWrite plugin makes use of it and imports embedded WMF as blurred pieces
of junk now. Not because it is a GTK3 issue, no, only because we've cut off

J.M., Jean, Hub, do we really want to tell people that they would need GTK3
in order to make this and similar things work again?!

> I also notice that Revision 30385 changed 5 files in the src/*/xp
> directories:
> gr_CairoGraphics.cpp
> gr_CairoGraphics.h
> fl_DocLayout.cpp
> fv_ViewDoubleBuffering.cpp
> ie_exp_HTML_Listener.h

If you have any patches (I'll have a look at it as well), let's waste our
time and get to work what previously already worked fine and let's fix things
in redundant copies of sources a second time.

This absolutely isn't the right way for GTK3 support!

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