Re: ME support in MSWrite plugin

From: J.M. Maurer <>
Date: Wed Nov 02 2011 - 14:37:08 CET

> > How about provide a readable patch? (sorry, but .rar is like PGP encrypt
> > with someone else key)
> >
> I don't understand...

It would be nice if you could send a patch that was packaged using free

> > Also how about your provide sample documents to test ?
> I don't remember anyone posting any documents in that list. Should I be the first one?

Often people submit patches to our bugzilla, and there we almost always
ask for sample documents to be attached. It's very helpful for reviewing
a patch, and also for future reference to test for regressions.

I'd say we follow the same procedure when when sending such patches to
the mailing list.

Maybe it would even be better to file a bug in bugzilla with sample
documents attached, and then inform this mailing list that a patch has
been submitted for review?

Thanks a lot!
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