Re: Repeated submission of translation package

From: Urmas <>
Date: Sat May 28 2011 - 05:49:58 CEST

From: "Pjotr" <>
Subject: Re: Repeated submission of translation package

> That's not so good. Many (if not all) Linux distro's still have
> Abiword 2.8 in the repositories of their development branches. With
> the translations that come with it.
> For example: Ubuntu 11.10, due to ship in October, has Abiword 2.8 in
> it's repo's. It'll rely entirely on the upstream translations for
> Abiword.
> Therefore I strongly request that my Dutch translation of Abiword 2.8
> (stable) will be uploaded as well.

In Loonix, it's maintainer's task to conduct such minor updates. Taking translations from trunk, pruning them with stable template and generating strings from them can, and should, be done by maintainer.
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