Re: Repeated submission of translation package

From: Keith BOWES <>
Date: Fri May 27 2011 - 23:23:44 CEST

Je 2011-Maj-27 je 05:05, Urmas skribis:
> 2.8 series is discontinued and will not have future updates. Updated translations will appear in Abiword 3.0.

IMHO, it's best to start translating on the development branch anyway,
for two reasons:
1. A new translation is a big feature for people who know the language.
   Adding it as if it were an unnoticeable feature doesn't make sense
   to me.
2. Adding it to the development branch enables you to fix bugs before
   embarrassing yourself with mistranslations after millions of people
   start using your updated package. This is especially true when not
   working as part of a team that can proofread and test each other's
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