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From: Kathiravelu Pradeeban <>
Date: Tue May 03 2011 - 04:44:35 CEST

Hi Ibrahima,

On Mon, May 2, 2011 at 3:26 PM, Ibraahiima SAAR
<> wrote:
> Thank you Pradeeban,
> Yes Fulah believes in Opensource and has one of the highest litteracy
> rates in Africa for a language not taught in schools and not supported
> by governements as Fulah is not dominant in any country. But we
> believe in hard work and the future of mother tongue as the only way
> to bring education thoughout Africa.
> As far as spell ckeker is concerned, I have no experience whatsover
> and don't even know where to start!
> I guess I will need a programme to make word lists from websites and
> files... Any help is welcome.

I feel, at this time you should collaborate more with your language
group across the globe to find out whether there is already such a
word list, so as to avoid repetition of effort. In that case, you can
start on your work immediately, rather than worrying about collecting
the word lists. African languages are complex and most of them are
conjunctive too, making it hard to create a word list as there will be
so many permutations.

For eg, [1] lists out the spell checkers for a few African languages,
to a few programs. Collaborating with them and the other similar
experts will also be a good idea. I guess, some localization experts
from AbiWord may have better suggestions though.

As a general suggestion to all, let's just avoid discussing unrelated
stuff and focus on the main thread (Fulah Spell Checker). We are
unnecessarily spamming the entire list with our personal view points
on languages in an unsupportive manner.


Thank you.

> Thanks again
> Ibrahima
> 2011/5/2 Kathiravelu Pradeeban <>:
>> Hi Ibrahima,
>> Apologies for those words. I guess Urmas may not have known the
>> statistics clear, so I guess his comment regarding the language must
>> be an unintentional mistake. I personally know the strong user base of
>> Fulah language and the contributions of the FOSS community of Fulah
>> Localization team. I appreciate the team work you have been showing in
>> localizing many of the FOSS products to Fulah language. I am eager to
>> see a successful Fulah language spell checker available for AbiWord
>> soon.
>> Pls keep contributing to AbiWord as always. We are glad to provide any
>> assistance you may need in getting this effort successful as soon as
>> possible.
>> Thank you.
>> Much Regards,
>> Pradeeban.
>> On Mon, May 2, 2011 at 2:32 PM, Ibraahiima SAAR
>> <> wrote:
>>> Hi Urmas,
>>> I am not sure if you realize how insulting your remarks can be to all
>>> the 45 to 60 million native speakers of Fulah around 20 countries not
>>> counting those in the diaspora!
>>> What do you mean "Fulah is not even a language"? Either it is utter
>>> ignorance, in which case you should do a little research before , or
>>> deliberate contempt towards people you know little about!
>>> Anyway let me tell you that Fulah is a macrolanguage with a single
>>> alphabet since 1966 and I don't see what dialects have to do with
>>> spelling as those dialects are only regiaonal spoken variations of
>>> Fulah: the writing is the same all over the world. So your remarks are
>>> irrelevant and insulting and you should apologize for being so
>>> disrespectful.
>>> Regards
>>> Ibrahima
>>> 2011/5/2 Urmas <>
>>>> From: "Ibraahiima SAAR" <>
>>>> Sent: Sunday, May 01, 2011 10:24 PM
>>>> To: <>
>>>> Subject: Fulah spell checker
>>>> > I would like some help on how to build a spell checker for Abiword in Fulah.
>>>> >
>>>> Technically, you can use Aspell or Hunspell dictionary (from OpenOffice, for example).
>>>> Are you sure the spellchecker is a good idea at all, providing Fula isn't even a language, but a bunch of separate dialects?
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