Re: Fulah spell checker

From: Ibraahiima SAAR <>
Date: Mon May 02 2011 - 11:02:05 CEST

Hi Urmas,
I am not sure if you realize how insulting your remarks can be to all
the 45 to 60 million native speakers of Fulah around 20 countries not
counting those in the diaspora!
What do you mean "Fulah is not even a language"? Either it is utter
ignorance, in which case you should do a little research before , or
deliberate contempt towards people you know little about!
Anyway let me tell you that Fulah is a macrolanguage with a single
alphabet since 1966 and I don't see what dialects have to do with
spelling as those dialects are only regiaonal spoken variations of
Fulah: the writing is the same all over the world. So your remarks are
irrelevant and insulting and you should apologize for being so


2011/5/2 Urmas <>
> From: "Ibraahiima SAAR" <>
> Sent: Sunday, May 01, 2011 10:24 PM
> To: <>
> Subject: Fulah spell checker
> > I would like some help on how to build a spell checker for Abiword in Fulah.
> >
> Technically, you can use Aspell or Hunspell dictionary (from OpenOffice, for example).
> Are you sure the spellchecker is a good idea at all, providing Fula isn't even a language, but a bunch of separate dialects?
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