Command Line Questions -- for Perl Module

From: Hal Vaughan <>
Date: Wed Jan 05 2011 - 17:58:14 CET

I'm working on a Perl module to make it easy to control AbiWord from Perl. It uses Expect to access the Command mode, but I am including a couple ways to access command line options and commands for completeness.

I'm having trouble finding some information on the command line options and would appreciate some help on these.

The first one I can't figure out is "--thumb". I know there's also "--sizeXY" that works with it, but when I try to create a thumbnail, I get errors. It appears "--thumb" takes a numerical argument, but what does the argument mean and how do I specify the name to store the thumbnail image in?

I have read the wiki pages on AbiCommand and the command line options (what I could find) and used "help" in AbiCommand and "abiword --help" and still can't find this info.

Thank you!

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