Re: Command Line Options and Functions

From: Martin Sevior <>
Date: Sat Jan 01 2011 - 23:34:51 CET

Hi Hal,

These command line options do not all map into abicommand options.

Here are the abicommand implemented options. You these by typing
"help" on the command line after starting abiword with abicommand.

[msevior@seviorlap2 ~]$ abiword --plugin=AbiCommand
AbiWord command line plugin: Type "quit" to exit
AbiWord:> help
Currently implemented commands are:
help - Prints this message
quit - Exits the program
new - Create a new empty document.
load <filename> - Load <filename> replacing the current document.
printfile <filename1> <filename2> <...> - Print the current document into the
                              filenames listed.
replaceall <find> <target> - Replace every occurrence of <find> with <target>
                              in the current document.
replacenext <find> <target> - Replace the next occurrence of <find>
with <target>
                              in the current document.
inserttext <target> - Insert <target> at the current point in the
delete <args> - Delete <args> characters at the current point
                              in the document.
replacenext <find> <target> - Replace the next occurrence of <find>
with <target>
                              in the current document.
movept <arg> - Move the current point to another location in
                              the current document.
                              Options for arg are: BOD,EOD,BOP,EOP,BOS,EOS,
selectstart - Start a selection at the current point
selectclear - Clear the current selection.
findnext <target> - Find the next occurrence of target and select it.
save <filename> - Save the current document.
                              If filename is omitted the file is saved to its
                              original name.
                              Otherwise the extension of the filename is used
                              to determine the format of the file.
converttotext <src> <dest> - Convert the file given in <src> to the plain text
                              file named <dest>.
convert <src> <dest> <type> - Convert the file given in <src> to the file named
                              <dest>. The type of conversion is given by the
                              third parameter (abw,html,odt, etc.).
writepid <file> - Write the PID of this process to the file <file>
server <error file> - This is being run as remote process. Write an
                              error file on error.
previewpng <document> <preview.png> <width> <height> - Create a PNG preview of
                              <document> with name <preview.png> of <width>
                              pixels wide and <height> pixels in height.
visualedit - Popup a visual window and edit the file or just
                              preview what you've done.
                              Close the window when finished.
AbiWord:> quit
[msevior@seviorlap2 ~]$



On Sun, Jan 2, 2011 at 9:03 AM, Hal Vaughan <> wrote:
> I have a Perl module that will work well with AbiWord's AbiCommand mode on Linux. I want to add all the command line functions as well. I have typed "abiword --help" and I get this:
> Usage: abiword [OPTION...]
> -g, --geometry=GEOMETRY Set initial frame geometry
> -t, --to=FORMAT Target format of the file (abw, zabw, rtf, txt, utf8, html, latex)
> -v, --verbose=LEVEL Set verbosity level (0, 1, 2)
> -p, --print='Printer name' or '-' for default printer Print this file to printer
> -E, --plugin=STRING Execute plugin NAME instead of the main application
> -m, --merge=FILE Mail-merge
> -i, --imp-props=CSS String Importer Arguments
> -e, --exp-props=CSS String Exporter Arguments
> --thumb Make a thumb nail of the first page
> -S, --sizeXY=VALxVAL Size of PNG thumb nail in pixels
> -o, --to-name=STRING Name of output file
> --import-extension=STRING Override document type detection by specifying a file extension
> --version Print AbiWord version
> -?, --help Display help
> -u, --userprofile=STRING Use specified user profile.
> But I need more detailed information and trial and error isn't always working. Here are some questions:
> - geometry: This is only for the window, right? So if I'm doing command-line only, it's not needed, right?
> - plugin: So is the main app still loaded, just the plugin is called, allowing special functions?
> - thumb: I've experimented with this, using "--sizeXY=<xval>x<yval> --thumb" and get errors. ("Error on option --thumb: missing argument.") If I put a name of a .png file after --thumb, abiword sees it as an invalid numeric value. If I put a <xval>x<yval> I get the same message. If I use a single number, it doesn't complain, but I don't get a file (at least not in the directory I'm using, which is where the source file is).
> Can someone fill me in on these so I know what I'm doing and can get this written? (Yes, of course I'll be sharing it as FOSS for the project!)
> Also, an example of a plugin to use, other than AbiCommand, one that still acts on documents, might be useful.
> Thank you!
> Hal-----------------------------------------------
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