re:alexp - r29589 - abiword/trunk/src/wp/ap/win

From: Martin Sevior <>
Date: Sun Feb 27 2011 - 06:38:16 CET

Hi Alex,

Thanks for all you great work. In regards to this commit, can you
explain what is going wrong on the Windows side with annotations? I
tried trunk under linux and annotations work fine (at least when doing
an English annotation).

Can you paste a debug output and backtrace of the annotations crash to
a bug report. Or if it exists already direct me to it?


Author: alexp
Date: 2011-02-27 03:01:05 +0100 (Sun, 27 Feb 2011) New Revision: 29589

[Unicode] A couple of UI issues in dialog. Annotations cause crash, so
cannot be tested.

Modified: abiword/trunk/src/wp/ap/win/ap_Win32Dialog_Annotation.cpp
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