Re: test builds

From: Keith BOWES <>
Date: Sun Feb 20 2011 - 05:00:43 CET

Je 2011-Feb-19 je 20:02, Martin Srebotnjak skribis:
> I would just like to try out if the new release's Slovenian dictionary
> pack (for Windows) will include the OOo spell-check dictionary instead
> of the aspell one, which is flawed (as we found out a few months ago).

I like the MySpell/HunSpell dictionaries better myself, if only because
Aspell really pollutes the home directory.

But to answer your question, I think that when I was in GSoC, there were
sporadically made Windows builds (by Ryan something or the other);
again, that's just IIRC. But if all else fails, you can check the code
out from the SVN repository and build it.

Keith Bowes <>
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