PT internal types changes

From: Hub Figuière <>
Date: Wed Dec 28 2011 - 05:04:04 CET


This is just a heads up on a change I wanted to do some years ago that I
finally did.

Internally we use in a lot of places, two types PL_DocStruxHandle and
PL_FmtStruxHandle. These a typedef to void* and cast everywhere we need
something more concrete. This is not without bugs like ugly const_cast<>
and other things, and it also lose on type safety.

There is also PL_ObjectHandle that was introduced later and defined
elsewhere (sic).

So I went ahead, removed these types and replaced them with the right
ones as follow:
PL_DocStruxHandle -> pf_Frag_Strux*
PL_FmtStruxHandle -> fl_Container*
PL_ObjectHandle -> pf_Frag_Object*

It also reveals a couple of nasty cast that I do believe are nasty bugs.

I nobody objects, I will commit these to trunk before year end.

If you want to review the patches, I can send them.


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