Re: hub - r30532 - abiword/trunk/plugins/mswrite/xp

From: Hub Figuière <>
Date: Sun Dec 25 2011 - 21:23:42 CET

On 25/12/11 10:49 AM, Ingo Brückl wrote:

>> -inline const char *IE_Imp_MSWrite::get_codepage (const char *facename, int *facelen)
>> +const char *IE_Imp_MSWrite::get_codepage (const char *facename, int *facelen) const
>> -inline void IE_Imp_MSWrite::set_codepage (const char *charset)
>> +void IE_Imp_MSWrite::set_codepage (const char *charset)
>> -inline void IE_Imp_MSWrite::translate_char (const UT_Byte ch, UT_UCS4String &buf)
>> +void IE_Imp_MSWrite::translate_char (const UT_Byte ch, UT_UCS4String &buf)
> What's wrong with the inlines?

In that context it is just wrong because by putting inline in the .cpp
you make these function that are externally visible (though private) no

Also get_codepage() and translate_char() or too big to be inlined anyway
(remember, the compiler is allowed to ignore it)

I don't see any benefit.

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