Re: ATTN: AbiWord v2.9.2 released!

From: Chris Leonard <>
Date: Wed Dec 07 2011 - 19:41:42 CET

On Wed, Dec 7, 2011 at 6:44 AM, Urmas <> wrote:
> From: "Chris Leonard" <>
>> It would probably be relatively simple to set these files up for
>> translation via PO file via Pootle, but I would need some additional
>> information.  For instance, it does not appear that these files use
>> UTF-8 encoding and in some cases it is not entirely clear which parts
>> of a given line should be localized and which should be left alone.
> Apparently they can be either in usual Windows encoding (CP125x) or UTF-16 (LE).
> The translatable part is the third token on the lines containing '${LSTR}' macro as first one.
> The second token is obviously a key.

Attached is a very rough first draft of a PO file to capture these
.nsh files on Pootle.

It is not very large and the words to be translated are not
necessarily going to change, only the structure of the PO file (to
optimize it for post-processing), so there should be no harm in
working on this off-line with your favorite PO editor.

I did have to add some duplicate escapes (\) to one line (already
containing escaped characters to make it present properly in Virtaal,
so this line will need to be examined closely. If you would like to
go ahead and translate this PO file and send it back to me, it would
be very useful to have a few different examples for testing the
generalizabtion of the post-processing steps needed. Since the words
are certainly going to remain the same, the translation work will be
useful in any event (once a final PO format is agreed upon).

It might be desirable if the dictionary names were reconfigured to use
ISO-639 style nomenclature, but that may not be feasible. The current
file is in UTF-8 (the encoding that works best in Pootle) and so it
may be necessary to add a re-encoding step to the post-processing

I did make a minor changes from the original wording of one line
because there seemed to be some inconsistency among very similar

I changed "formats" to "format" in this line to match the lines that follow.

"Specifies that AbiWord should be used to open documents in its native
formats. (Recommended)"
"Specifies that AbiWord should be used to open documents in its native
format. (Recommended)"

Please advise if this change is acceptable and accurately reflects the
meaning intended.


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