Re: ATTN: AbiWord v2.9.2 released!

From: Chris Leonard <>
Date: Wed Dec 07 2011 - 10:01:47 CET

On Tue, Dec 6, 2011 at 9:13 PM, Urmas <> wrote:
> From: "Ibraahiima SAAR" <>
>> ... Is the
>> installation interface translatable?
> Yes.

It looks like it has been some time since this listing was updated
Directory revision: 29928 (of 30486)

In addition, it looks like it does not contain all of the languages
that are currently available for translation in Pootle (see attached

It would probably be relatively simple to set these files up for
translation via PO file via Pootle, but I would need some additional
information. For instance, it does not appear that these files use
UTF-8 encoding and in some cases it is not entirely clear which parts
of a given line should be localized and which should be left alone.

If there is someone that could answer questions like this I would be
happy to collaborate on getting these files set up for localization on
our Pootle instance with the main AbiWord PO files.

They would probably need some "post-processing" to be usable (e.g.
something like po2txt), but I'm fairly confident a straightforward
process can be developed and documented. Please let me know if there
is any interest in collaborating on this idea.

Warmest Regards,

Sugar Labs Translation Team Coordinator

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