Request for review of changes in Write

From: Gonzalo Odiard <>
Date: Wed Oct 27 2010 - 16:28:43 CEST

Hi, I am trying to resolve pending issues in the Write activity.
Would be great if you can review them:

1) fix paste images in write - olpc #2507 and olpc #7186

    Now you can copy a image from Paint, Browse or Write and paste in Write
    The patch implement take from the clipboard the different types of contents

Patch attached to

2) Add the option to export to PDF - SL #1458

    Signed-Off-By: iwikiwi <>

NOTE: The patch was in the ticket, i have tested it and works perfectly.

Patch attached to

3) Disable the table creation button if there are a image selected - OLPC #4424

    In abiword, is not possible add a table if there are a image selected.

Note: Previously, if you have a image selected, and add a table, the
table was created over the image.
In Abiword, if you have a image selected and add a table, the image disappear.
Then, I disable the button (like suggested in the ticket)

Patch in

4) Change the mode of insert image to "in place". Fix OLPC #7405 and OLPC #3066

    Now the image is not floating but in-place, then can be placed
    inside a table or after another image.

Note: The image is easier to control this way, and enable things
previously not possible
like put a image inside a table.

Patch in


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