Help with Write Activity

From: Gonzalo Odiard <>
Date: Tue Nov 23 2010 - 20:03:17 CET

Hello, i am working with the a group in OLPC helping to maintain the
activities we included in the XO machines.
The Write activity is based in the python bindings of abiword and is
very important for us. (And we have 1.850.000 children using it!)
I must keep this mail short (like uwog tell me), but the main
developers are very busy and I am looking for help, anybody

I have compiled the pending tickets in and and classified them,
the list is here

There are many tickets i think can be closed, can anybody confirm it?

1) Tickets about abiword don't handling image formats:
#1442 non-PNG image support for Abiword (
#2339 Pasted image becomes huge in Write (
#4923 Image dropped from Etoys to Write becomes huge

2) Tickets what could be related to old interface
#1043 "Right-to-left dominant" doesn't work (
#1798 Help buttons in Write activity are broken
#3913 Format popup should have dividers (
#1799 Closing the Tabs window in Write switches to Home view

3) Tickets IMHO can be closed
#3316 AbiWord view at 100% should fill the screen
#3220 Write's 'view' tab size control demands excessive horizontal
scrolling (
#3614 Browser didn't start, but icon flashed for a long time.
#702 Can't open web site in AbiWord (
#3615 In Write, Alt-C doesn't work while the 'Insert Image' pulldown
is present. (
#8231 Write crashes on 'Keep' (
#4690 Asserting when launching Write in jhbuild


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