Adding a new language in Abiword source code

From: Dominique Rochefort <>
Date: Fri Nov 19 2010 - 14:11:11 CET


I have the Abiword source code (trunk) on my machine, and I am able to
compile it on Windows 7.

Now, I am trying to add a new locale to Abiword, along with the
associated PO file.
I have modified the code to add my new locale in
And added the constant in "xap_StringsId.h" as written in the comment in
the code.

When I compile, my locale does not appear in Abiword, so I guess there
is something else I should do, like, maybe, compiling my PO translations.
I noticed the I am missing the ".strings" file in the
"abiword/user/wp/strings" directory.
I guess this file could be generated from the PO file I have.

The 2 questions are :

1) How can I generate the .strings file for my language ?

2) What should I do the have Abiword take into account my new language
properly during the build ?

Thanks for you help,

ANAFA, Senegal
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