Abiword and components

From: Jean Brefort <jean.brefort_at_normalesup.org>
Date: Mon Aug 16 2010 - 14:09:01 CEST


I'm currently updating the goffice components API in order to make
components available in gnumeric as well. The API change does not seem
to have immediate consequences for Abiword. Anyway it might be time to
consider some enhancements.

The first one is about snapshots. They are currently (at least in trunk)
300 dpi bitmaps, but I'd prefer a solution based on svg where possible.
At the moment, Abiword has a good support for svg in the gtk port, I
don't know what is the situation for the win32 and mac ports, so I'm
hesitating before going this way.

The second is not really an enhancement: widget based components do not
work anymore. They used to work 5 years ago when I first developed the
API (embedding mozilla plugins), but now the API is broken. I'm
suspecting it is related with the client side stuff in gtk+. I'll change
the API to make it possible again at least in gnumeric. On the Abiword
side, we have two options: either we decide that widget based components
are evil and do not support them, or we change the code so that it can
be possible again (this means using GtkLayout instead of GtkDrawingArea
for the DocView).

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