Re: Esperanto translation

From: Keith BOWES <>
Date: Thu Aug 12 2010 - 00:29:39 CEST

> While we are at it:
> Who actually did the partial Esperanto translation?
> I see that no translator has been noted in the .po file, but a lot of
> the work is actually very good!

I don't know who originally did it. Last year, it was about 11% done and I completed it. Then in June of this year, I once again worked on it and translated
the new strings.

Last year's translation is kinda quirky, though, as the strings file
didn't get correctly generated. If you generate it with and
then install it, the translation works fine. I have both the updated po
and strings files on my website:

I just updated the po yesterday and it doesn't seem like any new strings
have been added. You can always provide better translations to what I
did, like I did with the original translation (the one I had to fix was
that he translated "cell" as "celo").
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