Re: ATTN: AbiWord 2.7.0 Released!

From: Jordi Mas <>
Date: Wed May 06 2009 - 18:50:26 CEST

En/na J.M. Maurer ha escrit:
> AbiWord 2.7.0 Released!
> AbiWord v2.7.0 is the first development release towards the next stable
> AbiWord version, AbiWord v2.8.0. In addition to hundreds of bug fixes,
> it contains a number of exciting new features.
> More information about this release can be found in the release notes:
> Have fun!
> The AbiWord Development Team

Good work

Are there instructions on how to compile it on win32? Specially, where
to get all the dependencies needed and which versions.

It would be even good to have a zip file with all the mingw already
setup to compile Abiword on win32 that people can download from our site.


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