Porting AbiWord for Windows to Unicode

From: PRADEEBAN KATHIRAVELU <kk.pradeeban_at_gmail.com>
Date: Thu Mar 19 2009 - 06:15:53 CET

It's an exciting day getting to know AbiWord is selected oncemore to
GSoC. As I have already mentioned earlier, I am interested in getting
involved in the above mentioned project.
While getting started, I would like to hear some more suggestions and
project specific guidelines.
1. Is it a good idea to use Visual Studio 2008 Express Edition (Visual
C++ 2008), as I am familiar with it.
2. What is the exact starting point, I should start working on. I
mean, as Jordi Mas has already done some initial work, is there
specific SVN branches which should be checked out.
Thanks sum1abi for your suggestions.
Thank you.

University of Moratuwa.
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