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Date: Sun Mar 08 2009 - 10:23:42 CET

I am highly motivated with the idea of "Porting AbiWord for Windows to
Unicode", as suggested and researched by Jordi Mas. I am using Windows
XP, and I am a regular user of Unicode, actively involving in ta-LK
localization. I have decided to choose this as my GSoC Project, as it
suits my area of interests as well as my knowledge.

With reference to the thread
[ ]
I am also in an opinion that the option 1 is the best choice, as
already discussed by the developers.

As mentioned by Hubert Figuiere, the users who didn't bother to
upgrade their OS will not bother that much to update their
applications. Hence dropping the support of the older and almost
obsolete versions of windows seems to be the best option for me, which
also suits the time span of the GSoC. However, after the GSoC period I
will involve in the work toward the goal of making unicows work on top
of the Unicode build.

I will use Indic Languages for testing to find and fix the bugs in the
code, as I am very familiar using them.

Knowing the requirements mentioned in the threads as well as the
AbiWord wiki, I would like to know more on this particular project,
and suggestions.

Thank you.

On Sat, Mar 7, 2009 at 7:31 AM, Martin Sevior <> wrote:
> HI Kartik,
>           It's very cool that you are getting a start on this years
> GSoC program and are still interested in AbiWord.
> Last year Robert Staudinger proposed writing a DOM wrapper around our
> PieceTable and FV_View operations. Instead we encouraged him to
> develop a Cairo-based graphics class, which we've now incorporated
> into our mainline builds.
> Upon reflection it appears that a DOM wrapper could be the easiest way
> for a broad adoption of our abiwidget by 3rd party developers.
> There is considerable interest in building web-based applications
> based on Java-scripting browsers. It would be really useful if we
> could somehow allow that type of scripting to be re-used in AbiWord. I
> actually have not investigated at all how this works so it would be a
> useful thing to get started on.
> ie Do some research and tell us how this Javascripting works and how
> it used in web-browsers.
> Also we have a hurdle requirement for all prospective GSoC students.
> Please build the TRUNK version of AbiWord and demonstrate you've made
> a small change to the codebase as listed here.
> We were really impressed with xsun's enthusiasm last year, when he
> submitted numerous patches to improve our latex exporter before the
> GSoC started.
> best regards,
> Martin Sevior
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Hi,
> I am a prospective student applicant for this years Gsoc. Last year I
> was a bit late and couldn't have enough interaction with abiword's
> developers. Though I am new to Abiword's code base but I have good
> Gtk+ knowledge along with good experience in C++ . I am interested in
> the working on the idea suggested by Fabian and will like to start
> interacting regarding this as soon as possible.
> Regards
> Kartik rustagi

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