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From: kartik rustagi <>
Date: Sat Mar 07 2009 - 23:30:17 CET

Thanks Martin for replying to me.
 Actually I have done quite a lot of scripting in python involving DOM
and XML. Basically what Document Object Model or DOM does is to return
an object pointing at the head of an XML (or HTML) file and thus
enables us to access the XML (or HTML) document in a hierarchical way.
For eg if I have a XML file:

                      <name>Kartik Rustagi</name>

Now if I will pass this XML file to a DOM parser, It will return me a
DOM object. For example in python (javascript has very similar syntax)
if DOM object 'obj' represent this XML document then
will return a list of all xml tags named info in the order of their
appearance in the document and using this we can change, modify the
child tags of "info" tag like name and age here.

Now as you might be knowing that Java script is an object oriented
scripting language. It needs a JS engine to run like Mozilla Firefox
has SpiderMonkey. js is embeded in HTML document to get the dynamic
part of DHTML. Now the whole HTML page is divided into DOM objects
(document object being at the top most level) by the browser and using
js we can manipulate these DOM objects and hence the HTML webpage.

Scripts written in JS can be embedded in HTML page to make it dynamic
and to extract different functionalities from the HTML page, precisely
what we need for this task.

Regarding the prerequisite (change to source code and pic in debug
mode) for applying to AbiSource for Gsoc, I am already done with it.
Sorry for being this verbose. :)

On Sat, Mar 7, 2009 at 7:31 AM, Martin Sevior <> wrote:
> HI Kartik,
>           It's very cool that you are getting a start on this years
> GSoC program and are still interested in AbiWord.
> Last year Robert Staudinger proposed writing a DOM wrapper around our
> PieceTable and FV_View operations. Instead we encouraged him to
> develop a Cairo-based graphics class, which we've now incorporated
> into our mainline builds.
> Upon reflection it appears that a DOM wrapper could be the easiest way
> for a broad adoption of our abiwidget by 3rd party developers.
> There is considerable interest in building web-based applications
> based on Java-scripting browsers. It would be really useful if we
> could somehow allow that type of scripting to be re-used in AbiWord. I
> actually have not investigated at all how this works so it would be a
> useful thing to get started on.
> ie Do some research and tell us how this Javascripting works and how
> it used in web-browsers.
> Also we have a hurdle requirement for all prospective GSoC students.
> Please build the TRUNK version of AbiWord and demonstrate you've made
> a small change to the codebase as listed here.
> We were really impressed with xsun's enthusiasm last year, when he
> submitted numerous patches to improve our latex exporter before the
> GSoC started.
> best regards,
> Martin Sevior
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Hi,
> I am a prospective student applicant for this years Gsoc. Last year I
> was a bit late and couldn't have enough interaction with abiword's
> developers. Though I am new to Abiword's code base but I have good
> Gtk+ knowledge along with good experience in C++ . I am interested in
> the working on the idea suggested by Fabian and will like to start
> interacting regarding this as soon as possible.
> Regards
> Kartik rustagi
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