Re: Revision of German translation

From: Volker Ribbert <>
Date: Sat Mar 07 2009 - 02:08:32 CET

Hello list members,

In addition to the German PO file that I sent last afternoon, I am now
providing the corresponding language string file, which resides
somewhere in the AW installation directory.
It is the one I used to (fairly) thoroughly test my translations in the
application interface, e.g. to see if/that all menu and dialog entries I
could check are consistent and not too lengthy - if possible.

As a first reaction to my sending the PO file, J.M. Maurer has already
asked if there are any mailing list readers capable of German in order
to check the translations.
By providing this ready-built language string file I want to encourage
and enable anyone with a certain command of German to see himself
without much hassle (i.e. not everyone has the environment ready to
create this) if the language interface is correct and fitting properly.

(Of course it has not been my intension to pass over anyone of the
developers' team by doing so.)



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