sharing of multiple abiword canvas in pyabiword/write activity

From: sumit singh <>
Date: Thu Aug 20 2009 - 11:18:20 CEST

Marc and Martin,

I was trying to collaborate multiple abiword canvas over the mesh
network of the olpc laptops. However, through the experimentation and
changes which I made, it seems to me that only one canvas can be
shared at a time.

I think pyabiword shares a document using a dbus-tube created during
sharing of the activity which it offers or joins using the following
commands in invoke_cmd-


So, according to me there should be 2 ways to do so --

When I will share my activity all the basic sharing things like
creation of channel etc is done at that time, now the only thing which
remains to share a newly created canvas is to call the 'offerTube'
command on it with invoke_cmd. So, when a new canvas is created this
is what we can do---

1. If I have shared my activity, and now I want to share a particular
abiword canvas, the one I have created after the activity got shared,
I should invoke the 'com.abisource.abiword.abicollab.olpc.offerTube'
on it as this is the actual command which shares that canvas.

Status---- The first canvas shared using this method gets shared
properly but all the subsequent canvas fails to get shared.

2. I should create a new tube for each new canvas made and then invoke
this command for the newly made canvas.

Status---I am trying to do this but can't be sure how it will result.

Kindly give your suggestions about where do you think I am doing it
wrong or if there is any other particuar way to achieve the same.

VIJIT aka sumit
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