Document Garble plugin

From: Marc \ <>
Date: Thu Aug 06 2009 - 22:03:25 CEST

Hi Folks,

I've written a simple plugin for Abiword that garbles the contents of
documents. It works on files exclusively, it doesn't do anything from
within Abiword itself. It takes all text in each section in the abw file
and converts all non-whitespaces characters (plus some more like
parentheses) into random garbage. It supports UTF-8. It also garbles any
PNG images in the document (JPG support still to be added), so logo's
and/or any special proprietary imagery inside the documents are garbled
as well.

The intended use for this plugin is to make proprietary documents
suitable for uploading into Abiword's public BugZilla. I have already
frequently found myself in the situation where I had documents - owned
by my employer - that caused bugs in Abiword. However, uploading the
files to the public BugZilla wasn't an option due to their proprietary
contents. Since it's quite a hassle to produce a document that causes
the exact same bugs without proprietary contents, I wrote this plugin
hoping it can help out in such situations.

uwog already mentioned some stuff that might require alterations to the
- it uses xmlReadFile and xmlSaveFile from libxml2, should be replaced
with code using libgsf
- it should be able to handle non-abw files as well, so users don't need
to convert their files to ABW first

I've based the plugin's build system on the AbiCommand plugin, hoping
that this automatically handles Mac builds and non-MSVC win32 builds.
Tested build system in Linux and MSVC 2008, works for me.

I look forward to your comments and suggestions!



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