Columns in Abiword

From: Morten Juhl-Johansen Zölde-Fejér <>
Date: Tue Nov 11 2008 - 21:30:27 CET

Now finishing the much-needed Danish translation of Abiword.
I believe the word "Columns" is consistently used both for in-text
columns and those in tables?
These two types are translated into two different words in Danish
(in-text 'spalter' from the word used for newspaper columns,
in tables 'kolonner' from the word used for spreadsheet columns).
Is there any way to know which is which, or can I only try to se my way
out of it by looking at the comments above the msgid in da.po file?

Only two things puzzling me:
There is a thing about recording editing. What is this? I am unsure
what it is about. Also, annotations. What are they for? Are they like
OOo's notes?
See strings below.

* * *
#. DLG_FOSA_RecordToFileLabel
#: po/tmp/xap_String_Id.h.h:326
msgid "File to record editing:"
msgstr ""

#. DLG_FOSA_ReplayFromFileLabel
#: po/tmp/xap_String_Id.h.h:328
msgid "File to replay editing:"
msgstr ""
* * *
#. DLG_FOSA_RecordToFileTitle
#: po/tmp/xap_String_Id.h.h:633
msgid "Record Editing to File"
msgstr ""
* * *
#. DLG_FOSA_ReplayFromFileTitle
#: po/tmp/xap_String_Id.h.h:639
msgid "Replay Editing from File"
msgstr ""
* * *
#: po/tmp/ap_String_Id.h.h:1401
msgid "Insert an Annotation"
msgstr ""

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