AbiWidget and libabiword in gnome-2.24?

From: Martin Sevior <msevior_at_gmail.com>
Date: Tue Mar 18 2008 - 02:01:08 CET

Hi everyone,
                     Since we will soon release 2.6 with libabiword
and abiwidget I thought we should discuss the merits or otherwise of
proposing abiwidget and libabiword for gnome-2.24.

Here is what we have to do get started.



GNOME 2.22.0 was released yesterday, and we're already starting to look
at what the future will bring us. Or at what we'll bring to GNOME in the
future. Or at what we'll bring to the future. Or maybe we can skip this
step and use time travel? You know, I've watched again 'Back to the
future' a few days ago, and... Hmm? You're not interested in my life?
Okay... :-) Really good movie, though. I especially like the moment
where... oops, sorry.

Since we're starting a new development cycle which will lead us to GNOME
2.24 in September 2008, now is a good time to think about potential new
modules for 2.24. You can go wild and propose your favorite new modules
for inclusion in GNOME.

How should you proceed? It's easy, all the information is on:

The new modules proposal period will end on Monday April 21th at
23:59 UTC. We expect discussion to heat up about those proposals in
December and to reach a decision on January 14th.

For more information about 2.23, the full schedule, the official module
lists and the proposed module lists, please see our 2.23 page on the

For a quick overview of the GNOME schedule, please see:

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