Re: Enchant and Windows

From: Abdelrazak Younes <>
Date: Sun Jun 15 2008 - 11:40:43 CEST

Dominic Lachowicz wrote:
> So you want to build from source, but you don't want to:
> 1) cross-compile 2) download msft's free compiler and write your own
> makefiles (which isn't hard)

You don't need to. The provided MS project files are usable by MSVC2005
and 2008 express editions, which are free as in beer. I plan to do that
sometimes in the future.

> 3) purchase visual studio to use the existing project files 4) give
> mingw a try, since cross compiling is known to work and it uses the
> same build system. All you'd need to do is to download mingw's
> binutils package or build from an enchant tarball since it already
> contains Makefile.ins and configure

Depending on the required version for autotools you can also use MSys
under Windows. You can also use cygwin with the '-mingw' option if you
don't want to use MSys but that is trickier to put in place.

All in all, I'd recommend to use the MSVC solution, many opensource
projects uses it without pseudo ethical embarrassment :-)

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