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From: Ryan Pavlik <>
Date: Sun Apr 27 2008 - 23:50:12 CEST

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Ryan Pavlik wrote:
> Howdy! As long as I'm updating folks on the progress of AbiWord on
> Ubuntu, may as well mention my other pseudo-packager-maintenance
> relationship, the Maemo port. Our maemo port exists, and is nice, but
> right now has some showstoppers that are preventing it from being
> release. I'm going to take a personal risk and say that someone with
> some Maemo dev experience can probably track these bugs down
> reasonably easily - we've got pretty good debug data on them. Anyway,
> here's my request: if someone can find some time to help with these
> bugs, I'm more than happy to handle our packaging, which is just about
> done (and since I now redid the Ubuntu packages I know a lot more
> about deb packaging so I can make the Maemo package a lot better), as
> well as getting AbiWord into the "official" Maemo Extras repository
> (the highest place anybody not in Nokia can get into, and basically
> the "one standard" repo).
> Here are those bug lists, set up as dependency trees of metabugs in
> Bugzilla:
> Internet Tablet OS2007 release:
> Internet Tablet OS2008 release:
> Here's an Internet Tablet Talk thread of lots of people being very
> eager but relatively patient, as well as my attempts to debug these
> bugs collectively with the world:
> Right now I have an N800 still running IT2007, and when I get back to
> the US in 2 weeks I'll be ordering my N810 with IT2008, so I can test
> personally any fixes. I also have about 30-40 private beta testers who
> will eagerly test any changes - just throw us a patch or commit to svn
> then ping me, and I'll spin new builds and let everybody know.
> Thanks for your help! (Yes, I plan that AbiWord Internet Tablet
> Edition will be getting AbiCollab!)
> Ryan

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