Hey Maemo people - I know you're there!

From: Ryan Pavlik <abiryan_at_ryand.net>
Date: Sun Apr 27 2008 - 23:43:48 CEST

Howdy! As long as I'm updating folks on the progress of AbiWord on
Ubuntu, may as well mention my other pseudo-packager-maintenance
relationship, the Maemo port. Our maemo port exists, and is nice, but
right now has some showstoppers that are preventing it from being
release. I'm going to take a personal risk and say that someone with
some Maemo dev experience can probably track these bugs down reasonably
easily - we've got pretty good debug data on them. Anyway, here's my
request: if someone can find some time to help with these bugs, I'm more
than happy to handle our packaging, which is just about done (and since
I now redid the Ubuntu packages I know a lot more about deb packaging so
I can make the Maemo package a lot better), as well as getting AbiWord
into the "official" Maemo Extras repository (the highest place anybody
not in Nokia can get into, and basically the "one standard" repo).

Here are those bug lists, set up as dependency trees of metabugs in
Internet Tablet OS2007 release:
Internet Tablet OS2008 release:

Here's an Internet Tablet Talk thread of lots of people being very eager
but relatively patient, as well as my attempts to debug these bugs
collectively with the world:

Right now I have an N800 still running IT2007, and when I get back to
the US in 2 weeks I'll be ordering my N810 with IT2008, so I can test
personally any fixes. I also have about 30-40 private beta testers who
will eagerly test any changes - just throw us a patch or commit to svn
then ping me, and I'll spin new builds and let everybody know.

Thanks for your help! (Yes, I plan that AbiWord Internet Tablet Edition
will be getting AbiCollab!)


Ryan Pavlik
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