Re: [Patch] Smart quotes - Unleashed :)

From: Martin Sevior <>
Date: Fri Apr 11 2008 - 06:01:17 CEST

Committed! Thanks Bobby, excellent work again.

I haven't tested all the various Language combinations. I'll leave
that up to the local experts in their own language.

So local experts, please test this patch and make sure *your* curly
quotes are correctly implemented.

Send bug reports to bugzilla and Bobby.



On Sun, Apr 6, 2008 at 1:19 PM, Bobby Weinmann <> wrote:
> It has been a huge pain in many respects, but here it is:
> By default, this will follow the view's language setting, BUT, in the
> preferences menu, you can set a custom quoting style for Outer
> (double) quotes and Inner (single) quotes. If you set the custom
> setting, it will stay even if you switch languages. This is what I
> had in mind during all that flaming ;)
> Caveats/Notes:
> * This is GTK only, ATM. Someone else needs to port the graphical
> parts to Windows and Cocoa (although from the other post I read, Cocoa
> developers have gone the way of the dodo).
> * France's French doesn't have a non-breaking space. This should be
> just a matter of inserting U+00A0 before the quote in
> considerSmartQuotes(). I.e. replacing the ASCII quote with 2 chars.
> (Stupid French).
> * There is the ability to add a variation for a specific country.
> Switzerland was the primary example of this, and the only one I
> implemented, but I did not test that I did it right. (Stupid Swiss)
> * I tried to add the languages spelled out in the Wikipedia article:
> however, please double check it (and fix it). You need only edit
> xap_EncodingManager.cpp. XAP_LangInfo maps the language to the
> quoting styles.
> * If your language uses apostrophes AND inner smart quotes which are
> NOT apostrophes: nothing I can do for you.
> * There could be other bugs.
> I tried switching to Hebrew, German and English and those 3 seemed to
> work. Custom quotes also seemed to work.
> Please let me know if I have neglected to insult your country/culture
> and you feel it should be insulted. :)
> Enjoy your feature,
> Bobby
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