fyi - trunk builds out of the box on win32

From: Robert Staudinger <>
Date: Fri Apr 04 2008 - 18:33:36 CEST


the subject says it all, I finally got around to take care of the
nasty subtleties preventing abiword trunk to build out of the box on
So once you have the build environment set up (just like you'd be
building the 2.6 branch) things are straight forward, just
(1) use instead of,
(2) make sure your dependencies lib dir is clean of *.la, *.a and
*.dll.a files[1],
then configure and build like any auto-tooled package.

Beware, it will take ages, even on a very fast box. Cross-compiling is
way faster.

[1] don't know why, it caused me linker problems

Have fun,
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