Re: [Patch] LaTeX: export TOC and endnotes

From: Dominic Lachowicz <>
Date: Tue Apr 01 2008 - 16:04:32 CEST

Hi Xun,

> The problem that concerned me is that endnotes may not be included in
> every LaTeX system, although my experience is only with fully-featured
> LaTeX systems.

I'd say that it is entirely reasonable to require that package,
otherwise the user risks data loss for documents that contain
endnotes, complex tables, unicode text, etc...

> On the other hand, the dynamic feature I'm proposing does not deserve
> the effort of the two-pass analysis you proposed. It this happens to
> be the only option, I guess I would give up...

Of course, conditionally/dynamically requiring these packages is fine too.

If you have a better proposal than mine, that's fine. If you want to
unconditionally require the "endnotes" and the "multirow" packages,
that's fine too. But writing the code to do an analysis of the
document is on the order of 20 lines of code, so I wouldn't let that
discourage you. I'll even write it for you if you'd like. We use this
technique extensively in the OpenDocument exporter.

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