The new Presentation feature.

From: <>
Date: Sun Apr 22 2007 - 14:00:56 CEST

Hi everyone,
            I've just committed code to enable AbiWord to be used for
basic, one slide at a time prsentations.

Do cvs update abi
cvs update abiword-plugins -d

Include the loadbindings and presentation plugins in your configure line.

Build AbiWord and the plugins.

Upon loading you'll see a "presentation" option uner view.

If you click on that AbiWord goes into presentation mode.

At this point in time the menu bar and the vertical scroll bar remain on
screen but I'll make sure these are hidden later.

You can go forward one slide at a time by clicking on the mouse, the right
arrow key, the down arrow key or page down. You can go back by pressing
the up arrow key, the left arrow key or page up.

You leave presentation mode by pressing escape or F1,F2,F3 or F4.

Tere is lots more to be done by for now....

Enjoy our new feature :-)


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