Plugins with pyAbiword question.

From: <>
Date: Thu Apr 19 2007 - 07:48:01 CEST

Hi everyone,
            I've just created a new plugin, called "LoadBindings.(cpp/h)"
to load keybindings on the fly.

It builds and loads into regular AbiWord.cpp just fine.

However with I try to use it from within pyabiword I get the following error:

DEBUG: pluginDir: '/home/msevior/abidir/lib/abiword-2.5/plugins/'
DEBUG: ROB: private plugins in '/home/msevior/.AbiSuite/abiword/plugins/'
DEBUG: DOM: found 5 plugins in /home/msevior/abidir/lib/abiword-2.5/plugins/
DEBUG: DOM: loading plugin
DEBUG: (L119): loading
/usr/bin/python: symbol lookup error:
/home/msevior/abidir/lib/abiword-2.5/plugins/ undefined
symbol: _ZN7XAP_App6getAppEv

Does anyone know what is wrong? I remember a similar problem using plugins
from within pyabiword earlier.

pyabiword was built in synch with both libabiword and the LoadBindings


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