Re: Documents on the OLPC

From: Robert Staudinger <>
Date: Tue Jul 11 2006 - 08:28:37 CEST

On 7/10/06, Ivan Krstic <> wrote:
> Robert Staudinger wrote:
> > The only statement
> > we have is that AbiWord is considered for the OLPC but unfortunately
> > we do now know if/how it is supposed to interoperate with the planned
> > onboard "wiki" or "document storage and manipulation system" in
> > whatever incanation.
> I should have a spec about this available soon. To be perfectly level
> with you, and while I use Abiword and like it quite a bit, I see any
> real (standalone) word processor on the Laptop as a crutch to be removed
> as soon as possible in one of the next software iterations, and in favor
> of a minimalistic, Writely-like in-browser solution that directly
> integrates with the wiki. This is my personal opinion, and isn't
> universally shared here; more details in the spec, and I'll remember to
> point you to it when it's up. Until then, excuse the brevity of the
> following answers.

Thanks for speaking so frankly.

> > what will the primary document format on the OLPC be?
> Undecided, but moving quickly.
> > how are the stored documents accessed (local ones, remote ones)?
> Will be detailed in the spec.
> > will documents be versioned, tracking of changes?
> Fully.
> > are there any plans for collaborative editing?
> Yes, both almost-real-time for documents, and merge-mode for things like
> eBook annotations.

That's very interesting information.

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