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Date: Sat Jul 01 2006 - 10:35:24 CEST

> Update of /cvsroot/abi/src/text/ptbl/xp
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> Modified Files:
> pd_Document.cpp pd_Document.h pt_PT_Undo.cpp
> px_ChangeHistory.cpp px_ChangeHistory.h px_ChangeRecord.cpp
> px_ChangeRecord.h
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> Initial code to handle undo in abicollab. Lots more work needed.

Ok the grand plan here is that pressing undo/redo on the users document
dhould only undo/redo the edits done by the local user. The changes
produced by the undo/redo should be propagate dout to everyone else in the
collaboration session.

We need special code to handle this because a remote user may well make
changes to the local users document before the local users last change and
the local user pressing undo. In addition we need to make corrections for
the document positions induced by the remote user.

To handle this I only undo change records generated by the local document.
In adidtion I correct for edits from a remote user by adjusting the
position of the change record using the same code was we use for internet
lag correction.

This initial commit handles the first few undos then things go horribly
wrong. However I have a few ideas on what is happening and will work to
iron them out.


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